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International Trade.
We will create your opportunity!

Information platform for the Agro-Industrial sector. Guide, directory, international consulting specialized in marketing, export and import of fresh fruits and vegetables.

We offer a reliable database. Here you can find multiple and different suppliers, producers offering products and services. Multiple exchange opportunities you will find here.

Publish your offer of products and services here. We will develop together a reliable community around the world. We know how to make things happen efficiently.

Promotion of the Supply of Agroindustrial Products

To promote the supply and exchange of land products by providing farmers with a representation channel in the US and Argentina. We offer a dynamic commercial meeting portal for companies interested in purchasing quality fruits.

Development of Emerging Markets

We manage your opportunity and our commitment is to make things happen, we are specialists in the marketing of products of land and agriculture. Fruits harvested in optimal lands in privileged micro climates of the South Patagonian Argentino.

Assisted Commercial Representation in Import / Export

Exportation and Import dispatch management. Study and marketing of products and services.
International Trade. We manage and represent your product or service in the USA. We are the first global directory of Suppliers and Clients of the Agro-Industrial sector. Publish your offer and your demand with us.
Together we will create new opportunities and good businesses.

What we do / Our Services.
We are Field Workers.
  • We are the directory of the Industry of the Field.
  • We create new exchange opportunities generating good business among the whole community.
  • We represent foreign companies in the US of the Agro-Industrial sector.
  • Management of logistics, transfer, storage and customs clearance.
  • We carry out market studies and consultancy on exportable or importable products for the Agro-Industrial sector.
  • We seek your new opportunity, developing new marketing channels
  • We offer a reliable space for the exchange of goods and crops, sale and negotiation of upcoming harvests, we offer the schedule of availability of products and services by seasons.
Why us.
We learned by doing.

For more than 25 years we have participated and commercialized fresh fruits and vegetables, in Argentina, we were and are pioneers in the management and marketing of products from the field through our first electronic commerce platform. www.mercadopremium.com

Our talent is: DO. We have learned empirically to develop a criterion of quality and reliable performance. We have been 25 years managing the exchange between customers and producers, being partners, and friends of our producers and giving the best to our customers. We have done and learned by doing. We were working, in the sowing of fields, raising crops and finally distributing and transforming the eating habits of the community. Now on another level we will contribute to good business opportunities, this directory will converge products and services from the Agro Industrial sector with customers and suppliers that will happily find themselves in the best place to exchange their goods and services. Now and over the years we know much better to identify when we talk about fruits with quality and when we aim at good businesses within this community.

Directory with verified companies.

Publish your offer and your demand, we are creators of Opportunity.

Verified Information.

Satisfying in the right moment the commitments acquired, towards the internal and the external. Complete the deliveries on time, as well as comply with the deadlines assumed in the different commitments.


We speak and act frankly, it's a feature that has allowed us to create and maintain long-term business relationships. This motivates us to go ahead and continue to provide positive contributions.

Our Customers Opinion.
Our work experience gave us the best tool to learn by doing.

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